The Gap


Psychological thriller - spec script.

Co-written with writer-director John Stokes.

A philosophical young cabbie has a voyeuristic secret, which he is forced to confront after his partner's abduction and his attempts to rescue her.

Patrick Allen Green, an early-30s dissatisfied anthropology student and black cab driver in 2019 London, tries to understand people by secretly filming them outside their homes at night. To his horror, Patrick’s dark habit is eventually discovered by the person who matters most in his life: his long-term partner, Lydia.

After Lydia inexplicably goes missing, and the complexities of her past return to haunt her, Patrick finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse as he attempts to rescue Lydia from her gangster captors, whilst avoiding the police.

Seeking refuge in the confession booth of a London church, a desperate Patrick meets Father Daly, a priest from Ireland who becomes an unexpected ally. As Patrick desperately awaits his and Lydia’s fates, Father Daly helps Patrick to reevaluate his twisted philosophy.

A tense neo-noir thriller on the outside and an introspective character study at its core, The Gap aims to both entertain and challenge its audience.