Don't Forget Me


Psychological thriller - spec script.

Co-written with writer-director John Stokes.

A traumatised private-investigator-turned-schoolteacher reluctantly confronts his past when a melancholic student claims to be the reincarnation of a murder victim from one of his unsolved cases.

Redmond O’Connor (40s) is a pensive, respected kindergarten teacher in suburban Chicago, deeply troubled by his previous career as a talented private investigator; chiefly his failure to save a missing young girl a few years ago, in what would be his final case.

When one of his six-year-old students, the precocious, sombre Edgar, suddenly insists he’s the reincarnation of a murdered cop from another one of Redmond’s unsolved cases, his past and present worlds collide.

With the help of strong-willed fellow teacher, Tess, whom Redmond tries to deny feelings for, he must fully embrace his investigative old ways to finally uncover the true horrors and mystery of his two cases, and move on from his traumatising past

Both an absorbing murder mystery crime thriller and a reflective psychological character study, Don’t Forget Me aims to enthral and engage its audience.